AMA With Mobifi || Mar-20–2021

YUDI- CEO of Mobifi has taken AMA session in Crypto Avengers TG Channel and helped to know about Mobifi in detail. you can check full session details below.

Crypto Avengers: lets start with asking you to introduce yourselves, your role and your background ? and how you discovered crypto?

YUDI: I’m Yudi, live in The Netherlands. Business informatics background from Utrecht University. Worked as a data scientist and then IT CTO advisor in Shell headquarter.

My role in MobiFi is the project lead, people also call that CEO. yeah. I discovered cyrpto back in 2014, still in college. One of my classmates was doing bitcoin trading in the class.

I started the entrepreneur journey beginning of last year, crazy year btw. Been through an incubation program in Zurich Switzerland (F10 incubator and accelerator), that’s how the MobiFi project was created btw.

Crypto Avengers: very good background, you got to know about Bitcoin in 2014 means you must be equal to CZ in crypto networth 😊

YUDI: I hope so 😂😂

Crypto Avengers: Lol, so please tell us what is Mobifi? can you explain Mobifi in layman terms?

YUDI: yes, sure.

a dummy proof explanation of MobiFi is:

we turn your dormant mobility credit (think of your transportation card, e.g., Oyster card in London) into investiable capital, which you can earn profit from DeFi product. It’s like a payment solution (e.g., paypal), but with all the investment features + it support all mobility services.

If to add a bit more details:

MobiFi is building the Corda to DeFi bridge that opens the door for traditional cooperates and their consumers to the DeFi space. As far as I know, we are probably the first project that is doing that. This is completely open sourced. Our core product is a mobility payment solution that can turn your dormant mobility fund into investable capital to yield profit for you.

some numbers you probably are not aware: there are over 400million pound unclaimed mobility credit in Oyster card in 2019. I still have like 20 pound in my Oyster card.

Crypto Avengers: 400M 😳 pretty big

YUDI: that’s just London

Crypto Avengers: can you talk more about Corda Bridge?

YUDI: It’s the first ever Corda bridge (to Polkadot) that can enable traditional businees to enter the crypto/DeFi world.

There are hundreds of big companies (like ING banks, Nasdaq, SAP, etc) are building on Corda. it’s a very regulated business. We will make that possible for those trillion corporate business to leverage DeFi benefits for their consumers.

Corda is a permissioned ledger, which is very limited, that’s why we want to open the door for it. a cross chain bridge will help bring in those big players

Crypto Avengers: that’s pretty big ambition

YUDI: it’s like the bridge from intranet to Internet.

Crypto Avengers: tbh i got to know about corda from Mobifi only 😊

YUDI: they are huge in the corporate business, but they don’t do cryptocurrency

so here we are

we have been building the mobility solution on them for like 1 year.

now needs to extend it to the DeFi world with the MobiFi project

Crypto Avengers: cool good to know about corda ,so what was the inspiration behind starting Mobifi?

YUDI: Many people today are unbanked, really. That’s also one of the reason bitcoin started I believe. There are a lot of small money out there, not used. Or it is only leveraged by some company (like the Transportation card company). But the real money owner, he/she can’t use that money anymore after top up the card.

transportation card is one of the biggest pre-paid market. We want to change that, we want to make sure people can earn profit from their own money, even it’s a small amount.

The other reason is of course obvious, we want to get those big players into the DeFi game, just like Tesla entered to buy bitcoin. Only that we can make the crypto game bigger.

Crypto Avengers: can talk more about Defi products which you are referring mate?

YUDI: Yep, so two categories.

one is those everyone will use, like Compound, AAVE, and many other investment product, even NFT etc we will enable people to borrow and lend their $MOFI token to earn more profit.

The other part will be very interesting. we are working with some data market partners to enable our mobility user to “stake” their mobility data to earn more money. So no free data to Google anymore, now you can earn with your own data.

We don’t make DeFi product, we just bring them in to let our user enjoy the yield )))

Crypto Avengers: exciting stuff! so can you talk about team behind Mobifi? what’s the team size and how many developers are involved?

YUDI: The core team consists of 5 people now. (we will announce our polkadot developer lead on Monday 😉

there are 2–3 developers (part-time) involved as well. we are looking to hire more engineers, so DM me if you are interested.

Toon (our blockchain architect) has over 20+ years experience in the banking industry, security, all kinds of IT stuff. He is one of the senior guys in the ING bank blockchain lab, where they incubated a lot of startup. VAKT, Komgo, he became the CTO of Komgo later. We were connected by my Shell mentor in 2019.

and our dev lead Vishal is a brilliant developer, he has a lot of experience coding in Ehtereum, Hedera, etc. We knew each other in the Hedera MVP program. We are the MVP of 2020. He has built EarthTile, EarthID, Minuteman capital.

Crypto Avengers: Do you have competitors building something similar to Mobifi?

YUDI: I would say you can hardly find anyone building the Corda stuff and link them to DeFi. We are pretty unique here. In the mobility space, we do have quite some traditional competitors like Whim, Moovel, etc. they are doing great as well. but we have our special advantage from crypto.

Crypto Avengers: Cool , can you talk about What’s the current status of the Mobifi project ? any upcoming major milestones?

YUDI: we have a testFlight program for our mobile app in Q2. we will announce more info about that. That’s more on the mobility part. Also a pilot with a national public transport company will be running in Q2 as well.

The polkadot bridge first code release will be by end of Q2.

And of course, the TGE date is confirmed. I can’t say it now, stay tuned to our ANN.

Crypto Avengers: can you please talk about partners, investors and advisors of Mobifi ?

YUDI: yes, I can’t talk about the sames of partners yet. we have announced API3. Razor, etc. but there are much more to come. There are data market place, Oracle, digital identity, layer-2, insurance, investment product, etc

investor info can be found here:

We have very experienced mentors, and advisors from the banking, investment bank area. Like Katie, she has a lot experience in crypto. they are the first bank in Switzerland offering crypto business. Tomo we will announce a new advisor from one of the best data market place platform in crypto space

Crypto Avengers: can you talk about Mobifi token and it’s utilities?

YUDI: yes.

1) bridge fee. we will be giving all the bridge fee back to node runner/stakers.
2) purchase of mobility service. with our bridge, user can swap their mobifi token back to SMile token to purchase any kind of mobility service.

mobifi token will be burned once purchased mobility service, the the total circulation will decrease in the long run eventually.

Crypto Avengers: Cool Next one, Most anticipated question i know you already told above but still asking When is the IDO / TGE / Listing ? :-) so many waiting for this! any estimates like in a week, in 2weeks … ?

YUDI: early April is what I can say. so like 2–3 weeks time 😉

just need to prep the material for ANN with partners, so be a little bit paitent. It will come out soon

alignment is important

Crypto Avengers: The security is the priority, what can the MobiFi platform guarantee or promise in terms of the security and privacy of its user?

YUDI: The bridge will be completed open sourced, everyone can check it. And our engineer have great experience building on polkadot.

Moreover, our insurance partner will insure the bridge and the assets go into it. So there should little risk of using it.

Crypto Avengers: Let’s Wrap it, Thanks everyone! Please support Mobifi Guys!!

Thank you @xyd945 for your wonderful time with us!! we learnt more about Mobifi from you today.

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